Recent works

Fall, Humboldt County, 12 x 22"

Aspen Glow, 12x12"

Winter Light, 18x18"

There Were Complications, 18x18"

California Winter Hills, 24x24" Sold

Echo of Eternity, 24x24", NFS

The Matriarch, 16x 34"

Sunrise Flight, 12x12"

Spring Smorgasbord, 12x14"

Three's A Party, 12x12"

Bloomed Where She Was Planted, 12x12"

Backyard Artichokes, 12x12", Sold

Heavenly Harvest, 8x8"

Aspens, 8x8", Sold

Happy Place, 8x8"

The Home Place, 6x6"

Honeybee, 6x6", Sold

Egret Encounter, 6x6"

Gentle Reflections, 6x6"

Garden Window, 6x6"

Musical Grapes, 6x6"

25 Cones: Strawberry, 8x8"

25 Cones: Vanilla Swirl, 8x8"

25 Cones: Abstract Cone, 8x8"

25 Cones: Double Rainbow, 8x8"

25 Cones: Neiman Cone, 8x8"

25 Cones: Orange Vanilla Cone, 8x8"


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