Water Beds 
Sleeping in the Ocean
by Gail Karwosky
© 2005 Arbordale Publishing

The Rainforest Grew All Around
by Susan  Mitchell
© 2007 Arbordale Publishing

Whose Nest is This?
by Heidi Bee Romer
© 2009 Taylor Trade Publishing

River Beds
Sleeping in the World's Rivers
by Gail Karwosky
© 2008 Arbordale Publishing

A Cinderella Tale from the Mexican Tradition
by Jewell Coburn
© 2000 Lee & Low

The Wishing Tree
by Roseanne Thong
© 2004 Lee & Low

Scottish Alphabet
by Rickey E. Pittman
© 2008 Pelican Publishing

Mother Osprey
Nursery Rhymes for Buoys and Gulls
by Lucy Nolan
© 2009 Arbordale Publishing

Ready, Set...Wait!
What Animals Do Before a Hurricane
by Patti Zelch
© 2009 Arbordale Publishing

Irish Alphabet
by Rickey E. Pittman
© 2011 Pelican Publishing

And Her Purple Ink Cloud
By Donna Rathmell German and Doreen Rathmell
© 2006 Abordale Publishing

by Catriona Clarke
© 2009 Usborne Publishing Ltd.

by Megan Cullis
© 2009 Usborne Publishing Ltd.